Gas Ranges

The Ultimate Cooking Experience


The power and responsiveness of a gas range goes unmatched by any other kitchen appliance. Experience the speed and effectiveness cooking with gas burners over electric as your food heats quickly and evenly.

Finding That Perfect Range


Gas ranges are made by almost every major appliance brand there is. The selection is quite endless when it comes to size, price point, needs served, and more! Gas ranges have the option to come in "full gas," with gas burners and oven, but also "dual fuel," with gas burners and an electric oven. Either way, every range has a specific demand for gas and it is imperative that the one you choose is installed and fueled in the correct manner.

Trade Up


Easily replace your old electric range and feel what its like to cook again over an open flame. It is important to remember when purchasing a new gas range that they are set up differently for the intended use of natural gas or propane. Know what gas type your house is equipped and turn your dream kitchen into reality. See what it would take to get the correct gas line installed and ready before the arrival of your NEW gas range when the truck rolls up on delivery day!

Gas Cooktops

Controlled Power


Get the full cooking experience anywhere in the kitchen without having to worry about making room for a bulky oven. Fine tune your kitchen to meet your exact needs with the help from a gas cooktop. Get the same incredible power and performance as a full sized gas range but the convenience and usability of a cooktop!

Minimally Invasive


Install a NEW gas cooktop during your kitchen renovation or replace the current old electric one with ease and not only save space but allow yourself to maximize the number much needed drawers and cupboards.

The Choice is Yours


Get creative and let your imagination go wild with the unlimited number of cooktop styles and options. Choose between the many sizes, colors, and burner configurations there are to find the one that is best suited for your lifestyle.

Gas Ovens

A Better Bake


Taste the difference when baking dishes with gas rather than electric. Gas ovens not only cook dishes more evenly and efficiently, but also avoid drying food out, leaving the moisture and juices right where they belong.

Comfort and Safety


Install elevated or even stacked gas wall ovens and keep yourself, children, and pets safe when transferring food in and out.

Do it Your Way


Gas ovens can also be installed in tandem with a new or existing cooktop of any kind. Whether or not both the cooktop and oven utilize gas will factor in when determining the proper gas supply so both appliances are able to operate to their full capacity.