Gas Fireplaces

Heat Your Home With Style


Gas fireplaces present a great opportunity to provide an efficient and elegant source of heat for any home. Limitless in size and style options, homeowners can turn ideas into reality. At the press of a button take any size of room from dark and cold to warm and cozy. Choose which fireplace style is right for your home, whether its a fireplace insert, log set, or wood fire starter. Install a double-sided fireplace and heat two rooms at once, such as a bedroom and bathroom or living room and dining room. Add a thermostat to your fireplace controls and have it come on automatically keeping the room at that perfect temperature.

Convert Your Wood Burning Fireplace


Fireplace inserts can be easily installed into traditional wood burning fireplaces and are contained behind a glass front giving you piece of mind with children and pets. Electronically or manually control your gas fireplace and continue to have heat during storms and power outages. If you can't part with your wood burning fireplace install a gas fire starter and continue having those classic fires with ease.

Fueling Your Fireplace


There are so many options when it comes to choosing the color and style of your gas fireplace. Each of these fireplaces have a very specific way in which its fuel lines must be installed to ensure proper safety and usability. Be aware of the gas fireplace you have, or are putting in your home, and be confident that its gas line is installed properly.

Gas Furnaces

Heat When You Want It


Heat our home quickly and easily with a gas furnace over electric furnaces. 

Sweet Spot


Set your gas furnace to maximum comfort and ease your mind knowing that your home will be taken care of automatically.

Feel the Heat


Experience the speed, performance, and reliability of gas power over electricity.

Free Standing Stoves

Visual Statement


Add a classic centerpiece to your living room or bedroom by installing a free standing gas stove. Give the room that extra something while effectively heating your home. Ranging in many colors and styles there is a free standing stove for any room. Control your stove manually or electronically and never have to worry about the cold setting in.

A Fireplace Anywhere


Free standing stoves are the perfect substitutes for fireplaces when wither a chimney isn't present, or if you don't have the space or desire to frame in a gas fireplace insert. The installation of a free standing stove is minimally invasive to your house or office, and connects to a simple gas stub whose size is determined by the needs of the specific stove that you have chosen.

Safe Source of Heat


Free standing stoves are one of the many gas heat sources where the flame is contained behind glass, keeping children and pets safe from harm.

In-floor Radiant Heat

The Height of Comfort


With an in-floor radiant heating system, evenly and effectively heat your entire home or office. By regulating the temperature of the floor itself not only are you and your family kept warm through direct contact, but the heat radiating upward continues rising to the rest of the house.

Hydronic Systems


The "Hydronic" in-floor radiant heat system utilizes hot water running through lines in the floor to heat it. To meet the needs of this system a gas boiler is used to heat the water. Boilers are more powerful and produce more hot water faster than today's standard water heaters, and typically require a higher demand for gas. A boiler that is being starved of gas, either due to its gas line being undersized or having to compete with other gas appliances sharing the same line, will not perform properly. This will cause even the best in-floor radiant heat systems to under-perform, emphasizing the importance of proper gas pipe sizing.

The Time is Right


Never again have cold feet and stay warm through the cold seasons without having to hear the sound of a furnace running. Ask us who we would recommend to install an in-floor radiant heat system in your home and let us ensure that your systems equipment is fueled for maximum efficiency and performance.